Dr. Iwona Kaluzna joining the InnoSyn Management Team


It is our great pleasure to announce that per January 1st 2023, Iwona Kaluzna has been appointed as a new member of the Management Team of InnoSyn B.V.

Iwona joined InnoSyn (formerly Innovative Synthesis part of DSM) in 2009 as part of the biocatalysis group. After initial assignments as scientist in the field of P450 technology she quickly established herself as a target-oriented project leader in both the corporate- as well as the business arena. In the latter capacity, she distinguished herself by her strong customer focus inevitably leading to her next career step towards new business development. In parallel, she also stepped up to act as team leader organic chemistry for several years when the organization asked her to in a time of need. More recently, she combined her NBD-background with her line manager experience by accepting the challenge to become Commercial Director of InnoSyn. In this role she is a.o. responsible to shape and deploy the commercial team making her a ‘key player’ to effectively execute the strategy of InnoSyn.

Inviting Iwona to help define the way forward for InnoSyn is nothing more than a logical extension of the road she is already on. We wish her a lot of success in this new assignment and are confident that she will keep on making the difference.

Looking forward to continue this journey together,

Daniel Mink

David Hyett

Ruben van Summeren