Cryogenic chemistry made easy

The newly developed CryoFlowSkid enables 3 step syntheses for the continuous production of chemical intermediates or active pharmaceutical ingredients in kg quantities per hour. In particular, syntheses with highly exothermic reaction steps and proceeding through unstable intermediates can be carried out in the CryoFlowSkid with significantly higher efficiency than with a batch process. Thus the technology for e.g. organometallic chemistry can often be considerably intensified. The compact, mobile system can be operated in typical chemical pilot plant environment and it is fully automated. The system is highly modular so that e.g. the reactors can be easily exchanged. The CryoFlowSkid was developed by De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH (D, Mainz) together with InnoSyn B.V. (NL, Geleen). InnoSyn contributes the chemical process know-how and the flow reactors. These core components developed by InnoSyn are manufactured from different metals in a 3D printing process. De Dietrich Process Systems, as the manufacturer of the entire system, is responsible for the engineering, production and worldwide sales and service of the complete CryoFlowSkid. For this joint co-operation the two companies signed a collaboration contract.

CryoFlowSkid by De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH with flow reactors from InnoSyn B.V. on board


About De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH
De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH with 220 employees is the German part of the world wide operating De Dietrich Process Systems Group focused on the manufacturing of equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for more than 335 years.

De Dietrich Process Systems is a partner for corrosive processes in thermal separation and reaction technology. It supports as a source for corrosion-resistant components, from own production lines, to complete process plants with own process know-how. For feasibility studies, process design, basic engineering, detailed engineering, material procurement, and installation & commissioning there is one single partner to contact. Through 15 production, engineering and service offices, De Dietrich Process Systems is a local service provider worldwide.

About InnoSyn B.V.
InnoSyn with 60 employees is an innovative partner using state-of-the-art-technology in the research and development of new and existing chemical processes. InnoSyn provides services for all phases of process/product/technology development starting from idea generation all the way to running business. InnoSyn has a proven track record in delivering best-in-class solutions by integration of multidisciplinary teams in every aspect of their services.

The over 25 years of experience and history as chemical R&D group at DSM (both fundamental research & chemical process design) has resulted in a broad synthetical competence base, using the most innovative technologies in e.g. biocatalysis, chemocatalysis and flow chemistry. New routes to a wide range of chemicals for all kind of markets have been successfully developed and implemented.